The Society started its current museum in 2008 at 112 W. Fourth Street. Since that time we have experienced much success with new exhibits and programs. It would not have been possible without the help of donations and artifacts that make us a free and great place to visit and learn. Our Genealogy Department is in constant use by people all over the US who have roots in our area. One of our greatest achievements is designing programs for the students at Minster Schools with the hope that they too will continue to make Minster great through another generation.

On August 1, 2017, we were fortunate to purchase the former Mel’s Decorating building adjacent to us at the corner of Fourth and Frankfort Streets. We have been out of space for several years. Our goal is…

Financial donations are imperative to the success of the Minster Historical Society and Museum. In order to produce historical programs for the children, present exhibits, prepare requested community tours or operate the daily functions, financial funding is essential.

Preservation and sharing of the past is vital to the formation of the future. The children’s programs allow for a personal presentation of their community’s history while incorporating it with their current school classes. When explaining the uses of the research room for genealogy, faces light up as photos of their ancestors are pointed out on the walls, or a great-great grandparent is found on, while their class stands in awe. They love flipping through the old high school yearbooks to find their parents.

It isn’t possible to help each student at the time of the tours, but it is possible to stimulate their interest in the history of their family and community. The Board of Directors works to keep the doors open so those students and many others who can learn and take advantage of the opportunity to use the research facilities.

The Society constantly looks for ways to serve the community. Though it has many wonderful volunteers there is sometimes a heavy cost affiliated with production of the programs and exhibits. And, just like home, the monthly costs keep rising.

Every financial donation is greatly appreciated and we hope you will consider just such a donation. Please click below. And Thank You – in advance!

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Without community members donating artifacts to the museum, the Society would not have the items necessary for our many exhibits. If you have artifacts and/or photos that you would like to donate,  please contact us, or drop items off during business hours.

If you have family stories or photos that could be shared, please bring them by and the Society will make copies of them and return the originals to you.  If you have any questions or would like to set up a special time for donations, please contact us.